Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions of sale (“Conditions”) apply to the services (“Services”) offered on the online platform referred to at https://www.viettishop.com/ (“Website”) and provided by VIETTI & LEVORATO S.r.l. (“Company”), a sole shareholder company subject to management and coordination by EG International Holding S.r.l., Italian tax code and VAT reg. no. 00192990034, with registered office in Arona (NO), at via Vittorio Veneto no. 101, Italy, no. Economic and Administrative Index (Repertorio Economico Amministrativo - REA) NO-60535, share capital €100,000 fully paid up, e-mail info@viettishop.com, telephone number +39 0322-248290.

Registration on the Website and use of the Services is granted by the Company exclusively to natural persons who have reached the age of majority (18 years) and who act as “consumers”, pursuant to Art. 3.1.a, of Italian Legislative Decree no. 206 dated 06 September 2005, as amended, for purposes unrelated to any entrepreneurial, commercial, artisanal or professional activities performed.

By accessing the Website, users undertake to accept and comply with the Conditions. Users who fail to accept the Conditions or users who do not constitute “consumers”, as defined above, are invited to refrain from using the Website and the Company will not be required to process any orders made by the same.

The Conditions shall be interpreted as an integral and substantial part of the purchase contract concluded between the Company and the user.

The Conditions applicable to the specific purchase will be those set out in the following section of the Website: viettishop.com/pages/terms-and-conditions at the time of processing of the online sale.

Upon request by the user, the Company is required to send a copy of the Conditions accepted by the same user with reference to a specific Order.

The Company reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the Website and/or to the information published therein whenever the Company deems necessary, at its own discretion and without providing prior notice to users. The Company also reserves the right to amend the Conditions, at any time, without the need to notify users of the amendment.

In order to purchase goods on the Website, users are invited to register with a valid email address and create an account. Registration on the Website is free of charge and is confirmed by an e-mail sent by the Company to the e-mail address provided by the user. Registration credentials are personal. It is therefore forbidden to provide registration credentials to third parties, for any reason whatsoever. Users are required to promptly notify the Company of any suspected improper use of their registration credentials. The user warrants that the registration credentials provided are complete, accurate and true. Any operations performed using said registration credentials are deemed to have been performed by the user to whom the same registration credentials are associated.

Users may cancel their account on the Website at any time, notifying the Company of their intent by means of an e-mail sent to the following address: info@viettishop.com The Company reserves the right to refuse registration by a user or to cancel an account previously registered by a user, at any time and without notice, if i) the Company has evidence of untruthful statements made by a user during registration of the account on the Website; ii) in the event of suspected fraudulent activity by a user to the detriment of the Company; iii) if the Company deems that a transaction poses a security risk; iv) if a user fails to duly accepted the Conditions.

The Company is the owner of the Website and holds all rights of exploitation of the materials contained therein (“Materials”). By way of example but not limited to, this includes any multimedia content (text, graphics, animation and sound), software or portions of software, nominative or figurative trademarks, of which the Company is the owner or licensee. Acceptance of the Conditions does not transfer any right to exploit the Materials to users. In particular, any reproduction, alteration and modification, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties of the Materials by users, for private commercial purposes of users, without prior express written authorisation from the Company, is expressly forbidden.
The Company makes a specific summary section of the goods (“Cart”) that users wish to purchase available to the same on the Website. Users can check the main characteristics of a specific good by clicking on the same good in the Cart section. Upon confirming the goods summary in the Cart section, users are directed to a section in which the characteristics of the goods are summarised briefly and the financial conditions of purchase are set out (“Check-Out”). By confirming the summary set out in the Check-Out section, users consciously and expressly accept to continue with the purchase of the selected goods and are directed to the appropriate payment section. Subsequent to immediate payment or commitment to deferred payment, the Website sends the relevant purchase order (“Order”) to the Company. Up until payment has been authorised, users are entitled to rectify, delete and supplement draft Orders, by changing the Cart or Check-Out sections. Once a user has received an Order and the relevant transaction has been successful completed, the Company promptly sends confirmation of the same Order (“Order Confirmation”) to the user by e-mail, in which a summary of the goods purchased is set out. Once an Order concerning specific goods has been placed, no changes may be made to the Order. The Company reserves the right to refuse to process an Order and/or to provide a Service to a user, at any time, including after issuance of an Order Confirmation, if i) the Company has evidence of untruthful statements made by a user during the registration of an account on the Website; ii) there is suspected fraudulent user activity to the detriment of the Company (by way of example, but not limited to, anomalous conduct in relation to the quantity of goods purchased or the frequency of Orders); iii) the Company deems that a transaction poses a security risk and/or if the Company fails to receive payment of a specific Order within a period of time consistent with market practices or if the payment transaction is rejected subsequently; iv) the Company has evidence that a user has failed to comply with the completion process of an Order, as described in the first paragraph of this section “Order Fulfilment”; v) a user fails to duly accept the Conditions. In any event, the Company will undertake to provide the user with its reasons for refusing to fulfil the Order. Correspondingly, the Company is entitled to not process an Order, in part or in full, if the goods purchased on the Website are not available. In the event that the goods purchased are temporarily or permanently unavailable, the Company will promptly undertake to provide the user with a corrected Order Confirmation, requesting that the user expressly authorises and confirms the same corrected Order Confirmation. It is understood that, if the user does not expressly confirm the corrected Order Confirmation, the Company will not fulfil the Order and any amounts of money already collected by the Company will be refunded to the user.
All prices published on the Website are expressed in euro. In accordance with the location in which a user accesses the Website, the Website automatically converts the prices expressed in euro into the local currency of the country from which the Website is accessed. All payment receipts issued to users subsequent to purchasing goods on the Website are calculated in euro. All prices shown on receipts are inclusive of taxes and shipping costs, while the amount to be charged to the user's credit card or current account may vary since said amount is based on fluctuating exchange rates and variable bank fees. The Company invites users to contact their bank to request details on exchange rates and bank fees concerning transactions. In accordance with the laws governing trade, all shipments of goods purchased on the Website are accompanied by a receipt and/or standard invoice detailing the value of the individual goods sold in euro. With specific reference to on-sale items, receipts show amounts that have already been discounted.
Users may pay for the goods purchased on the Website using the following methods.
  • Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Cartasì and Maestro circuit credit cards. Users enter their credit card details in a secure electronic banking gateway provided by third parties (Shopify Payments). In order to ensure greater protection of purchases made on the Website, the Company adheres to the Verified By Visa and Mastercard Securecode services.
  • PayPal. By choosing the PayPal payment method, users will be able to pay directly through their Paypal accounts. The Company reserves the right to ship goods purchased exclusively to the address indicated in the account verified by PayPal. Please see the website: https://www.paypal.com for full details.
  • Bank transfer. Upon choosing payment by bank transfer, the Company will provide the user, once the Order has been sent, with an Order Confirmation showing details of the bank account to which payment is to be made. The user will be required, within 24 hours of receipt of said email, to complete the bank transfer, ensuring that all information sent by the Company is included in the transfer. The Order will only be despatched and the goods shipped upon receipt of payment. In order to facilitate the processing of Orders, users are invited to send the relevant payment receipts to the Company. It should be noted that any goods included in an Order are reserved for the user for a period of seven (7) days from the date of issuance of the Order. If, after seven days, the Company does not have evidence of payment of the purchase price of the Order, the Company cannot subsequently guarantee availability of the goods specified in the Order.
  • Cash on delivery. An additional cost of EUR 15.00 will be charged to users for payment by cash on delivery. The cash on delivery option is valid for all offers on the Website, provided that an individual Order does not exceed the total amount of EUR 1,000.00 and the Order is shipped to a location in Italy. Users should select “Cash on delivery” from the payment methods and then conclude the Order. The Company reserves the right to contact the user to obtain confirmation of the Order. Payment must be made at the time of delivery of the Order by the courier appointed by the Company. In the event of non-payment, the Company will charge the user the costs of management of the outstanding amount and will refuse the relevant Order by providing immediate notice by email. Purchases made on the Website are safe and guaranteed. Online payments with credit cards are processed on the Shopify Payments technology platform using the protection provided by TLS/SSL security protocols.
Payment information is encrypted during transmission and managed directly by PayPal or the relevant banking companies. Under no circumstances will the credit card number be disclosed to the Company. The Company will not process or store the data provided through its systems by users. The Company will only be notified of the positive outcome of the transaction.
The Company ships goods worldwide, using the courier DHL EXPRESS. In accordance with laws governing international trade, all Orders shipped by the Company are sent with specific receipts stating the exact value in euro of the goods purchased. Order receipts are inserted inside packages containing the goods purchased by users. With regard to goods purchased at discounted prices, the discounted value of the purchased goods is stated on the receipts sent with shipments. The Company dispatches Orders for shipment from Monday to Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (UTC/GMT+1), excluding public holidays in Italy. Orders placed from Friday to Sunday will be dispatched the following Monday. If the user has chosen to pay for the Order by credit card, PayPal or cash on delivery, the Company will promptly arrange shipment of the goods purchased, which will be delivered, by courier, in accordance with the following time frame:
  • Italy: 1-3 working days - DHL Express
  • Europe: 3-5 working days - DHL Express
  • Rest of the world: 3-6 working days - DHL Express.
In any event, the Company will not ship Orders prior to receiving evidence of receipt of payment of the price of sale of the goods purchased. If a user chooses to pay for an Order by bank transfer, the Company will ship the goods purchased once the same has received the sums paid by the user. Upon the courier collecting the goods purchased, the Company will send an email to the user containing a link to click on to check the shipment's status on the website of the courier appointed. Orders placed separately will be shipped separately. In the event of deliveries being impeded as a result of force majeure events, the Company undertakes to contact the user, by e-mail, to inform the same of the delay in delivery times. In any event, the Company cannot be held liable in any way for any delays due to third parties and/or force majeure events. Should the user be absent at the time of delivery by the courier of the goods purchased, the courier will leave a notice specifying the shipping number so that the user can collect the goods. In the event that a second attempt to deliver is also unsuccessful, the user may, within 4 days, collect the goods purchased from the courier's branch indicated in the failed-delivery notice. In the event of failure to collect the goods within the period indicated in the failed-delivery notice, the courier will return the goods to the Company. Shipping in Italy is free of charge. Shipping costs to other countries are to be paid by the user. Any customs charges are to be paid by the user. Currently, we do not ship to the following countries due to customs issues: Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. Furthermore, the Company does not despatch Orders addressed to PO boxes. Users may also collect any goods ordered from one of our local points of sale. To find the nearest and most convenient point of sale for collection, and to organise delivery of the goods, users are invited to contact the Company by email info@viettishop.com or to view the points of sale in the Cart section. In order to collect goods in person, users are to go to the point of sale agreed with the Company, taking the relevant Order Confirmation and valid identity document with them. The costs applied by the Company to ship goods included in Orders by courier using the DHL EXPRESS service are listed below:

ITALY Shipping is free of charge.


EU COUNTRIES The cost of shipping to the countries listed below is EUR 20.00: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden. The cost of shipping to the countries listed below is EUR 40.00: Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vatican City, Georgia, Gibraltar, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guernsey, Iceland, Isle of Man, Åland, Faroe Islands, Jersey, Kosovo, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Mayotte, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Réunion, San Marino, Serbia, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Turkey, Ukraine.

UNITED KINGDOM The cost of shipping is GBP 30.

SWITZERLAND The cost of shipping is CHF 30.

UNITED STATES The cost of shipping is USD 30.

CANADA The cost of shipping is CAD 45.

KOREA The cost of shipping is WON 5000.

JAPAN The cost of shipping is JPY 5000.

AUSTRALIA The cost of shipping is AUD 45.

HONK KONG The cost of shipping is HKD 300.

RESTO DEL MONDO The cost of shipping is EUR 50.00.

Any costs of importation and/or taxes are to be paid by the user.

With regard to particularly bulky goods, the Company reserves the right to notify users of the application of an additional shipping fee with respect to the shipping costs listed above.

The Company ships goods purchased using the DDP (Delivery Duty Paid) shipping method. It follows that any taxes and shipping duties are included in the purchase price set out in the Order Confirmation. This method of shipping applies only to shipments to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Macau, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong (SAR).

For shipments to all other countries, the DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) shipping method is used. It follows that any local taxes and/or customs duties are not included in the purchase price set out in the Order Confirmation. Users are invited to check whether any taxes and/or customs duties are applicable to shipments entering the country in which they reside, as well as the amount of any such taxes and/or customs duties. It is understood that any taxes and/or customs duties will be charged directly to the user by the courier, and that the Company will not reimburse any such costs to the user, should the user return the goods purchased to the Company.

If customs officials reject one or more of the goods included in the Order and send the same back to the Company, the later will reimburse the monetary value of the rejected good(s) to the user minus any total expenses incurred (customs expenses and charges, shipping costs). If the total of shipping costs to return any rejected goods to the Company and any customs charges exceed the monetary value of the same goods, the user will be required to promptly pay the difference to the Company.

The Company cannot be held liable for delays in delivery due to weather conditions, customs clearance delays and/or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Company. The Company reserves the right to postpone shipment if an Order cannot be shipped due to force majeure events. Please note that, during any promotions and sales offered on the Site, there may be delays in processing Orders. If the goods are delivered after thirty (30) days from the date specified in the Order Confirmation, the user is entitled to terminate the contract, demanding a refund from the Company of all amounts paid in connection with the unfulfilled Order. Should the goods become damaged and/or lost during shipping, in accordance with the will of the user, the Company undertakes either to:
  1. send the same damaged and/or lost goods purchased with the Order back to the user;
  2. refund the user the monetary value of the Order.
It is understood that, in the event that, as the result of temporary or permanent unavailability of one or more of the goods specified in the Order, the Company is unable to comply with the provisions of the aforementioned point a), the Company shall undertake to provide the user with a voucher of a monetary value equal to the value of the goods not available for reshipment. Said voucher is to be spent by the user within three months after the delivery of the same. In any event, prior to sending a new order pursuant to point a) or to refunding the user pursuant to point b), the Company reserves the right to carry out opportune investigations to ascertain the nature of the damaging event that took place. In this respect, in the event of damage to the goods, the user is invited to collaborate and provide the Company with appropriate evidence of the damage to the goods, including photographic and/or video documentary evidence, in accordance with the specific requests made by the Company. In the event that the Order is not delivered to the user due to an error by the same and/or incomplete correct shipping information being communicated to the Company, the package containing the purchased goods will be sent back to the Company and the costs of shipping (including import taxes) will be charged in full to the user. Said expenses will be deducted from any reimbursement due to the user.
Users are reminded that, pursuant to Art. 1490 of the Italian Civil Code, the Company is required to ensure that any goods purchased are free from defects that make them unsuitable for their intended use or, at least, that appreciably decrease the value of the same goods. In any event, in order to assist users to carry out the compliance checks referred to in the previous paragraph, the Company will seal packages containing the goods specified in Orders with printed tape bearing the words “VIETTISHOP.COM”. Should a user receive a package showing evidence of tampering by customs authorities and/or the courier carrying out inspection activities, the package will be sealed again with a special security control tape. If a user receives a tampered package and/or in the event that the adhesive tape is not intact, the user can accept the shipment unchecked with the right to check it subsequently or, alternatively, can refuse the delivery. In the event that a package is accepted with an unauthorised signature or that there is evidence of damage to the package, users are recommended to immediately initiate a claim against the local DHL office and to contact the Company at info@viettishop.com
Users have a period of fourteen (14) days to withdraw from the contract, commencing from the date of receipt of the goods, without necessarily having to provide any reasons to the Company. In order to exercise their right of withdrawal, users are required to send a formal written notice to the Company, by completing and sending the appropriate form located on the Website under the link https://viettishop.com/apps/return-and-exchanges/guest (“Return Form”), peremptorily within the term referred to in the preceding article, specifying the Order number and, in the event of an Order concerning the delivery of multiple goods, which goods are to be returned. Upon receiving the Return Form, the Company will communicate to the user, by e-mail, a return code specific to the relevant goods return procedure. Once the Return Form has been completed correctly, the Company will enable the user to download from the Website a specific shipping note that the user must attach to the package containing the goods to be returned. Withdrawing users are required to return goods within fourteen (14) days from the date of notification of withdrawal, pursuant to the previous article. Goods can be returned in three ways:
  1. returned to one of the Company's authorised points of sale. In particular, users who purchase goods and choose to collect them from one of the Company's authorised points of sale, will be required to take the returned goods to the same point of sale or to a different point of sale within the same State;
  2. returned by courier using DHL EXPRESS service. In this case, users are invited to attach the shipping note generated automatically and sent by the Company by e-mail, subsequent to completion and submission of the Return Form. Returns shipped within Italy are free of charge and any shipping costs are borne by the Company (with the exception of cash on delivery costs). The costs of shipping goods to be returned from outside of Italy are to be borne by users. The costs of said shipments will be the same as those for shipping Orders set out in the “Shipments” section above.
Users are invited to return purchased goods in the same state as when they were received, inclusive of intact and undamaged specific identification cards and seals. Users should also return any accessories sent by the Company together with the purchased goods (by way of example but not limited to: envelopes, garment covers, hangers). Goods must not have been used or washed. Goods such as, by way of example but not limited to, underwear and costumes, must be returned inclusive of the appropriate hygiene protection measures applied by the Company. Any removal and/or tampering with the specific hygiene protection measures will automatically result in forfeiture of the user's right to return the goods. Please note that requests to change the size of goods are not permitted. Users are also invited to return goods by inserting them in their original packaging, which should be adequately sealed with adhesive tape. If the original shipping package is no longer available, users should insert the goods in alternative packaging suitable to maintain the integrity of the goods during shipping. Should the Company find that the returned goods have been altered in a manner that decreases their value and that results from handling other than that necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods, the Company reserves the right to take action through the appropriate channels to protect its credit claims against the user. The Company undertakes to refund to the withdrawing user all payments received in connection with the Order that is the subject of a withdrawal, inclusive of the shipping costs of the same Order, within fourteen days (14) from the date of notification of the e-mail communication referred to in the first paragraph of this article. The Company will send to the user formal evidence of said refund. In this respect, the Company undertakes to reimburse the sums using the same payment service used by the user to purchase the goods. In the event of payment by cash on delivery, refunds will be made by bank transfer. It is understood that the Company is not required to proceed with the refund until the user has provided the Company with appropriate evidence of shipment of the returned goods or until the Company has received the returned goods and has ascertained the integrity of the same, pursuant to the above. Furthermore, should a user exercise the right of withdrawal more than once at different times with reference to specific goods purchased with one single Order, the Company will only and exclusively reimburse the shipping costs with the first reimbursement transaction. Subsequently, only the value of the specific goods returned will be reimbursed, it being understood that the user has already been reimbursed for the costs of shipping.
The Company
  • does not offer any guarantee that the information published on the Website complies with and is lawful with respect to laws applicable in the country of residence and/or domicile of users;
  • shall not assume any liability for any damage sustained by users from use of the Website, the Services or the goods purchased on the Website;
  • guarantees that the Website is protected in accordance with international cybersecurity standards;
  • shall not assume any liability for any malfunctions related to the deactivation of cookies in the user's browser;
  • shall not assume any liability arising and/or in any way connected with a breach by the user of the rules of registration on the Website; in particular, the user hereby assumes all liability for any damage or prejudice caused to the Company or to third parties resulting from improper use and/or the loss or theft of the user's registration credentials;
  • shall not assume any liability if, due to a particular configuration of the computer used by the user or its malfunction, the colours of the goods displayed on the Website differ slightly to those of the original goods.
As an authorised reseller, the Company warrants that all goods sold on the Website are authentic.
The Company reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, its provision of Services for a period of time strictly necessary to carry out any indispensable and/or appropriate technical interventions to improve the quality of the same Services. Correspondingly, the Company may, at any time, interrupt the provision of Services in the event of well-founded security reasons or violations of confidentiality, providing notice to the user in any such event.
Users understand and accept that any contractual relationship arising as a result of use of the Website is governed by Italian law. The Company does not warrant under any circumstances that the contents of the Website comply with legislation in other countries.
The Company reserves the right to use personal data, which is provided voluntarily by users, in accordance with current legislation..

The Company warrants to users that personal data will only be processed for uses strictly connected and related to the provision of the Services, to facilitate management of the Website and to fulfil Orders. Users are invited to read the privacy information notice at the following link: Privacy Policy.